1964 Fouga CM.170 Magister jet trainer

€ 75.000,- excl. BTW/VAT

1964 Fouga CM.170 Magister jet trainer

Fouga CM.170R-1 Magister two-seat twin engine jet trainer, registered in France as (civil) F-GLHF since December 5th1995. C/n 406. This is the only Fouga Magister jet in the world with a non-experimental CofA. Two Turbomeca Marboré IIA turbojet engines, 3.92 kN (400 kg/880 lbf) each, plus one spare engine. Was owned and flown by the Dutch Historic Jet Association for over 20 years (since 1997). Maintained by experienced Belgian Air Force personnel. Equipped with Garmin GPS, Becker VHF and much more. ARC (by AMN) valid until December 2018. Total time: 1850 hrs. Paint as new.

Optionally available with a 60 foot shipping container full of spares, including a spare Turbomeca Marboré IIA engine. Also optionally available: Jet-A-1 bowser. Training by FTO for Type Rating possible. Based at Lelystad-Airport, The Netherlands. Former ´315-QR´ of French Air Force. 

The Fouga CM.170 Magister was developed and built in France. In total 929 Fouga Magisters were produced (761 of this version 170-1), including 188 in Germany, 62 in Finland and 50 in Israel. The CM.170-1 Magister was the first production version with Turbomeca Marboré II engines. Contact AMN for more info.

1972 Scottish Aviation Bulldog SK.61D,

€ 44.000,- excl. BTW/VAT

1972 Scottish Aviation Bulldog SK.61D

Scottish Aviation Bulldog with fresh annual, additional rear seat, cabin fire extinguisher. Should be imported to UK register. Propeller & magneto’s need OH. ELT needs new battery.

Aircraft registration HA-TUG. Year of manufacture 1972. Aircraft serial BH100181. Aircraft total time 3523 Hours. Engine time since overh. 1295 Hours, TBO at 2000. Aircraft structural life limit 5000 hours, extendable up to 8760+. Location AMN, Teuge Airport, The Netherlands. Colours: Camouflage Swedish air force, as on picture. Interior: 2-seat trainer with additional 3rd seat.

Avionics COM: Becker AR2010/25 S, NAV: Becker NR 200 LB 609/64, TXP: Trig TT-21 (Mode S), ELT: Ameri-King 451. Will be delivered with fresh annual inspection.

Airbus/MBB Bo-105 CBS 5

Price ex. VAT: € 395.000,-

Airbus/MBB Bo-105 CBS 5

1977 BO 105 with a lot of options! Fresh annual, comes with rear bench, dual controls, cabin fire extinguisher, fuel micro filter system, main rotor blade folding system, auxiliary fuel tank for a lot of additional range, emergency flotation system, engine fire extinguishing system, cabin heating system, optional SX-16 night-sun available (not pictured). Model is CBS5, which means long cabin and MTOW of 2500 KG.

Manufacturer & Type MBB/AHD BO 105 S (CBS 5). Aircraft registration D-HHBW. Year of manufacture 1977. Aircraft serial S-346. Aircraft total time 5390 Hours. Modular Engine time (TBO 3500 hours). Compressor Turbine Eng.1: 187, Eng.1: 3426. Eng.2: 3050, Eng.2: 916.
Location AMN, Teuge airport, The Netherlands.Colours Blue, white and orange, as on picture. Interior 5-seat configuration, reversible co-pilot seat. Auxiliary fuel tank in baggage area (removable).

Avionics Configuration: VFR/IFR 2x COM: Bendix/King KY-196A (not 8,33kHz compatible) 2x NAV: Collins VIR-351 TXP: Becker BXP-6401 ELT: Kannad 406AF-H Rad. Altimeter: Bendix/King KRA-405 GPS: Bendix/King KLN-89B.