AMN: your (almost) global maintenance provider

 Teuge-Airport and Lelystad-Airport…

Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands is located at Teuge-Airport and at Lelystad-Airport, and offers aircraft maintenance services in the Netherlands and all around Europe.
Of course Aircraft On Ground (AOG)-services are also being offered all over Europe.

Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands (AMN) is approved to work on a large variety of light aircraft. We have a well-equipped workshop at Teuge-Airport and supporting facilities at Lelystad-Airport, and we look forward to meeting all of your aircraft maintenance needs.

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Address at Teuge-Airport 
De Zanden 105 B, 7395 PG Teuge
T: +31 (0)55 – 323 21 74
Address at Lelystad-Airport
Emoeweg 28A, 8218 PC Lelystad
T: +31 (0)55 – 323 21 74