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AMN’s ‘mission’
Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands (AMN) offers a high-quality and flexible total package for maintenance (and associated activities) for operators, flying clubs and private owners in general and business aviation (both aircraft and helicopters).

The vision of AMN

To become one of the largest General Aviation (GA) maintenance providers in the Netherlands and to offer maintenance services both nationally and internationally. The focus is on flexible, high-quality service and offering innovative products with the most modern techniques, but also with attention to historical value.

Entrust your aircrafts maintenance and repairs to the experts at AMN!

AMN is a proud dealer of a number of renowned brands


AMN has a number of dealerships to offer you the best service. There are countless advantages to direct contact with a manufacturer, which is why AMN is constantly working on expanding its dealerships and service center status. Below you will find just a few of the brands for which AMN is a dealer or service center.

  • ACR Artex supplies various emergency beacons (ELT) and other emergency equipment. AMN is ACR Artex certified ELT battery service center. We can also program your Artex ELT ourselves.
  • AEM (Anodyne Electronics Manufacturing) formerly NAT provides many solutions for your intercom system.
  • AeroLeds offers excellent new Landing Lights, Taxi Lights, Wingtip Lights, Tail Lights and Beacon Lights.
  • Aspen Avionics supplies modern digital displays as an aftermarket installation. As AMN we have extensive experience with the installation of these displays in various devices. Is your device ready for an upgrade to the digital age? Contact us for the possibilities.
  • Garmin Avionics is the largest and most innovative supplier of aviation avionics..
  • Trig Avionics offers, among other things, various radios and transponders for the general aviation.

AMN sees the benefits and importance for our customers in good contact with the various manufacturers, so that we can build up a network that is as complete as possible in order to match our services as closely as possible to your wishes. In addition to the dealerships and service center status of the previous manufacturers, we have direct contacts with: Cessna/Textron, Enstrom, Eurocopter/Airbus, Honeywell, Lycoming, Piper, Pipistrel, Pratt & Whitney, Robinson, Rotax and Socata/Daher.

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If you want to purchase an aircraft or helicopter, then you have come to the right place at AMN for advice and guidance with your upcoming purchase. This guidance prevents you from being unpleasantly surprised afterwards by things that have been overlooked. Of course we can also import your aircraft or helicopter into the PH register. For the possible sale of your aircraft or helicopter, we can place it on our sales page and also guide this process.

For more information per specific service, I refer you to the links in the text or the options in the “header”. If you cannot find the right information here, you can always contact us.

Theo Arends

Director, AMNetherlands

Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands BV (AMN)
De Zanden 105 B
7395 PG Teuge Airport
The Netherlands
tel. + 31 (0) 55 323 21 74 

Mission and vision

Aircraft Maintenance Netherlands (AMN) offers a high-quality and flexible total package for maintenance (and associated activities) for Operators, flying clubs and private owners in the general and business aviation (aircraft and helicopters).


AMN Teuge
De Zanden 105 B
7395 PG Teuge (NL)
T: +31 (0)55 – 323 21 74




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